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October 22, 2005: Changed main page large image to current view of airplane outside the hangar.

July 15, 2005: Added link to AirCrafters LLC on Links page. Repaired links in the AirSIG/CoolingSystems/cooling(1),(2),(3),(4) pages.

July 2, 2005: The FT conversion page finally out grew it's single page status.

June 28, 2005: Transferred my entire Glasair.org builders log to GlasairProject.com.

June 25, 2005: Added old AirSIG mailing list archives and files at GlasairProject/AirSIGintro.html.

May 19, 2005: Updated the trunnion attach plate drawing on the FT conversion page.

May 5, 2005:  It's been a busy week at the hangar.  I updated the FT conversion page with the weeks progress.

April 16, 2005:  It's been a while since I updated this page.  Today I found it suitable because I added a link to the Hughes H1 racer replica.  It was a very inspirational event for me and I felt I should share it with everyone that visits my site.

April 13, 2005:  Added a link to information on the Helmholtz resonator idea as it pertains to engine intake systems.

April 9, 2005: Uploaded gauge face .bmp for Airsoob Lift Reserve Indicator and FT conversion page.

February 12, 2005: Updated FT conversion page with disassembly pictures.

February 11, 2005: Final FT nose gear mount on FT conversion page.  Removed previous ideas.  Let's just say "they had flaws".

February 9, 2005: Latest FT nose gear mount on FT conversion page.

February 3, 2005: It seems that the search engines don't like my index page.  They keep linking to sub-pages.  I added a link at the top right of every page to load the index page for readers wishing to see the entire site.  Also added instruction manual for Real World Solutions EC2 to the library.

February 2, 2005: Updated Subaru Engine Intro page.

February 1, 2005: Updated FT conversion page.

January 30, 2005: Added two more builders to the Subaru Builder list on the Links page.

January 28, 2005: Added dimensional/comparison drawing of nose gear trunnion attach plates to the TD to FT conversion page in .dc, .dxf and .jpg formats..

January 24, 2005: I created a unique Experimental Aircraft Builders Completion Calculator.  Let me know what you think. :-)

January 23, 2005: Posted another version of my proposed FT nose gear mount to the TD to FT conversion page.

January 22, 2005: While at the airport, I realized that I had left a vital piece of information out of the description of the propeller that I have for sale.  This propeller has a 50% coverage nickel leading edge.  This is an important feature for anyone wanting to fly in the rain.

January 17, 2005: Replaced the Search feature.  IT WORKS AGAIN!! :-)

January 14, 2005: Added Milonic DHTML menu.  Updated Links page with Subaru builders sites.  Removed Search feature until I can get it to work again.

January 2, 2005: Updated main page with "More Glasair I Information" links.  

December 22, 2004: Added supporting schematics for the ECU wiring documents in the wire harness section of the EFI research library.

December 22, 2004:  Updated the electronic fuel injection and ignition page.  Added complete wire harness and diagnostic trouble code information for the computer I am thinking about using.

December 15, 2004:  Created thumbnail views for all pictures to decrease page download times.  Reinstalled the  New Style Elevator Trim Wheel section to the Airframe changes page after inadvertently removing it on December 8th.

December 11, 2004:  Formatted all of my electrical diagrams to .PDF files and updated the Electrical page with links to all of them.  Added Scott Dahlgren's Wire Sizing Chart to the Electrical page.  Added .PDF of door and fuselage cross section to Gull Wing Doors page.  Added two .PDF files of CAD drawings for the radiator and shroud to the Cooling page.

December 8, 2004:  Added TD to FT conversion page to Airframe Changes page.  The preliminary mount design is posted in a 3D rendering.

December 7, 2004:  Added another "how I did it" section to the Airframe Changes page.  This new section describes in detail how to permanently install the wing root fairings so you don't have to use safety wire to hold them on.  I also added a page showing the neat little hinge pin retainers I designed.

December 5, 2004:  Added site search capability to the banner page.  Placed a counter on the banner, Subaru engine and LED Nav lamp pages.

December 3, 2004:  Added entire "how I did it" section to the Airframe Changes page.  This new section describes in detail how to build your own new-style gull wing doors into the fuselage of an early Glasair I model airframe.  Also added two photos to the instrument dash section.

December 2, 2004:  Added Fuel Delivery page to Subaru Engine page.  Comments on this design, as with anything you read here, are always welcome.

November 30, 2004:  Updated the Airframe Changes page with pictures of the d-rib update, trim update and electric flap update.