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Date: 1/11/2000

Mounted wing in wing roll-over fixture.

Constructed a wing rollover fixture from some spare tube steel and 4'x8' sheet of 1.25" flooring plywood. Mounted the wing in the fixture.

Task Hours: 2.5

Date: 3/5/2000

I also figured out what to do with all my old resin...

I also figured out what to do with all my old resin and acetone cans. I built this simple shelf.

Task Hours: 0.5

Date: 1/17/2001

Wing install jig. Thanks Neal

Fabricated a wing mounting jig to assist in removing and installing the wing.  See Neal Garvin's description in the builders hints section for details.  I made minor changes by lengthening the threaded rod and cutting holes in the jig floor to allow the rod to lower almost to the floor.

Task Hours: 5

Date: 2/25/2002

Vacuum Forming Machine

Fabricated a 2-stage vacuum forming machine from a book called Vacuum Forming by Douglas E. Walsh.  His book describes types of plastic, temperatures for forming, mold techniques and of course how to build a couple different vacuum fixtures.  I actually modified the inside of the tire pump to create a vacuum and added a check valve to hold it.  The pipe fitting is for the house vacuum which gets it down to about 4in Hg. and the tire pump is the "second" stage that gets it down to about 22in Hg.  The white wires hang the frame in the oven, and the black clips hold the plastic to the frame while heating and vacuuming.

Task Hours: 3

Date: 2/25/2002

Airplane Jacks

Fabricated two airplane jacks from hydraulic cylinders that I purchased from Harbor Freight. I used 3" channel for the base and 1" square tube for the supports. The cylinder clamp is a 4" piece of 2.75" exhaust with 2.5" of one end expanded to 3" to fit over the cylinder. 5/16" nuts are welded to the exhaust piece and holes are drilled into the top of the square tubing at an angle to hold the ring over the jack. A couple casters welded to the back of two legs make it easily portable. I found that a 2" piece of 1" pipe just slides over the ram. This is welded to a piece of 1" square for the "T" bar adapter that the towel rolls slide onto.

Task Hours: 6

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