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Date: 8/5/2002

Interior panels

Drilled and installed nut plates for rear upper and lower bulkheads.

Task Hours: 2

Date: 4/27/2003

Center Console Mounts

Riveted nut plates to center console mount frame.

Task Hours: 1

Date: 11/22/2003

Wing Attach Cover and Headphone Jacks

Fabricated bracket for wing attach covers.  Installed headphone jacks in wing attach covers.  Installed wing attach covers and wired intercom. I've since changed the bracket by extending it to include a flange 90 deg out from the sidewall between the two jacks to allow the use of a second screw. This eliminates flexing when plugging and unplugging the jacks.

Task Hours: 5

Date: 3/2/2004

Baggage Area

Installed baggage area floor and back panels to see how it all looks installed.

Task Hours: 0

Date: 9/30/07

Interior assembly

Installed seat belts, seat pans, center console and seat cushions.

Task Hours: 0

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