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Date: 10/6/2001

Instrument Panel

Laminated two pieces of Formica back to back for face of instrument panel.  Cut instrument panel from the Formica.  Fabricated plywood jig for dash pad.  Fabricated aluminum frame for instrument panel.  Cut instrument panel into three sections.  Drilled and countersunk holes in instrument panel for mounting to framework.

Task Hours: 8

Date: 10/7/2001

Dash Pad

Cut 1/4" foam for dash pad.  Laminated single layer of fiberglass to bottom side of foam.

Task Hours: 2

Date: 10/10/2001

Dash Pad

Attached 1/4" foam with single layer laminate to dash pad jig in preparation for top layer laminate.  I used hotglue and a couple 1 x 2's with screws to hold the jig together.

Task Hours: 1

Date: 3/2/2002

Instrument Panel Attach Flanges

Laminated 4-layer instrument panel attach flanges on each side of the instrument panel.  Laminated 5-layer laminate at center instrument panel mount.

Task Hours: 2

Date: 7/2/2002

Panel mounting

I decided to try a new direction in panel design.  I am using dash pad from a 1989 Acura Integra cut down to fit between the fuselage sidewalls.  To begin this I measured and marked new instrument panel mounting locations on fuselage sidewall.  Installed aluminum angle as jig for 4-layer laminate mounting flange.  Applied 2 layers to each angle.

Task Hours: 1

Date: 7/9/2002

Instrument and Center console

Fabricated forward portion of center console where throttle and switches mount.  Fabricated lightweight structure for instrument mounting.  Drilled and mounted structure.

Task Hours: 6

Date: 8/5/2002

Panel Framework

Drilled and installed nut plates on instrument panel sub-frame.

Task Hours: 2

Date: 3/16/2003

Switches, Cables and Fuel Gauge

Cut center instrument panel for all the electrical switches, cables and fuel gauge.  Drilled holes for all the nutplates that secure the center instrument panel and console.

Task Hours: 3

Date: 4/6/2003

Radio Mounts

Fabricated brackets for radio stack mounting.

Task Hours: 3

Date: 4/13/2003

More Instrument Panel Work....

Fabricated more brackets and trimmed panels to fit for instrument panel, radio mount and instrument visor.

Task Hours: 5

Date: 4/27/2003

Instrument Panel Face

Recessed foam and laid-up two-layer laminate to back of instrument panel face for EFIS Lite screen.

Task Hours: 1

Date: 4/28/2003

Radio Stack

Sanded and shaped foam for radio stack visor.

Task Hours: 1

Date: 5/4/2003

Instrument Sub-Structure

Assembled aluminum sub-structure of instrument panel.  Also assembled radio stack frames and Electronic Fuel Injection computer housing.

Task Hours: 3

Date: 5/10/2003

Radio Stack Visor

Laminated sides of radio stack visor together.

Task Hours: 1

Date: 6/22/2003

Up To My Eyeballs In Wires

Starting wiring the airframe and instrument panel.  Oh What Fun!!

I will post some updated pictures soon.

Task Hours: 10

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