Truly inspirational:  We all need a boost once in awhile.  I learned about the replica of the Hughes H1 racer a little too late.  It's story provided me with a great boost in my drive to make this project a reality.  I encourage anyone that hasn't spent some time reading about the H1 replica, to visit the website and read it in it's entirety.  Jim Wright was a great guy and an inspiration to so many.

If anyone knows where the story about Jim Wright building the H1 replica has moved please let me know.

Websites of other builders using a Subaru engine:

Walter Casey's RV7A with a supercharged EJ-25 (flying) 
Brian Meyette's RV-7 with a supercharged 2.5STI (building)
Mickey Coggins' RV-8 with a supercharged 2.5STI (building)
Tom Moore's RV-7 with an H6 (flying)
Eggenfellner's RV-6 with a supercharged EJ-25 and Defiant with twin H6's (flying)
Jon Finley's Q2 with an EJ-22 (flying)
Robert Paisley's RV-7 with a supercharged 2.5STI (flying)
Ross Parham's RV-6 with a turbo EJ-22 (flying)
Al Wick's Cozy with an EJ-22. Now installing an H-6 (building)

Great people and organizations that I've dealt with: (current as of January 5th, 2005)

AeroElectric Connection

If you haven't read Bob Nuckoll's work, I highly recommend it.


AirCrafters LLC

I have not had the pleasure to do business with them, but I added a link to AirCrafters LLC because of their amazing customer service, EVEN OTHER SHOP'S CUSTOMERS!!!


Blue Mountain Avionics

Greg Richter is great. His dedication to constantly evolving the Blue Mountain EFIS equipment is amazing.


Columbia River Mandrel Bending

Mandrel bent aluminum and stainless. Fast turnaround and no minimum order.


Cycle Metrics 10410 Northwest Thompson Road, Portland, OR 97229  Tel. (503) 292-5510

Gary is an excellent TIG welder.  His main business is motorcycle repair.


Davis Tool Inc

Precision machining of my Quinti prop hub.  They do a lot of machining for Boeing; landing gear, engine parts, lots of small precision stuff and they've built a beautiful Papa 51 Thunder Mustang.


Eggenfellner Aircraft

Jan has helped me in more ways than he knows.  His Subaruaircraft Yahoo mailing list and all the great guys that monitor it have been a source of unending knowledge and support.

Pete Krok started this group to  give Eggenfellner owners a place to keep in touch with the latest installations and what works well for others. His SubeNews Yahoo mailing list is open for all Eggenfellner engine owners.

The online community for Glasair Builders, pilots and dreamers. Information, support, news and community. 


Grove Aircraft

The perfect spring aluminum gear for any Glasair equipped with the fiberglass gear struts.



 Ray Fiset has been extremely helpful throughout my ownership of the Marcotte gear drive.


McMaster-Carr Supply

I've found some interesting stuff from these guys.  For example my engine mount bushings and my hidden hinges for the oil access door.


Glasair Aviation

Manufacturers of the Glasair, Glastar and Sportsman kit aircraft.  They've always provided me with excellent technical support and hard to get parts when needed.


Oil Filter Services: 615 Southeast Market Street, Portland, OR 97214  Tel.

AN fittings, hose, hose ends, fabrication and supply.  Aeroquip, Bridgstone, Goodyear... all the big name stuff.  Great guys to deal with.


Parks Metals: 19460 SW Shaw, Aloha, OR 97007  Tel. (503) 591-7272

Bob has helped with powder coating, aluminum sheet bending, TIG welding small parts and locating people to do anodizing and laser cutting.


Real World Solutions

Home of the EC2 electronic fuel injection and ignition system.


Royal Moore Subaru

I get all my Subaru parts from these guys.  They're not my closest dealer, but they treat me right.


Saber Manufacturing

I've had the misfortune of having to purchase three custom propeller spacers (my improper measurement and then I changed propellers).  Sam has provided excellent service and a superior product every time.


Terminal Town

Suppliers of electrical wire, connectors and wire accessories for experimental aircraft.  Excellent, fast service.


Vans Aircraft

Vans aircraft doesn't just sell RVs.  Besides their seemingly infinite supply of hardware, they've helped me get hard to find parts like my electric flap motor.  Great people to deal with.